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Broker/Agent Package Application

If you are a licensed Salesperson on Prince Edward Island and wish to become a broker then please complete the following form as accurately as possible. Your information will be verified. You must be under a Firm Office for at least two years to qualify for this course,

Once you receive the Broker package you will have 6 months to prepare and write the exam. You will be given notification of your marks within ten business days. A passing grade is 75%.

The Real Estate Agent/Broker Package Fee is $2,500.00 + HST and it is non-refundable.

Please note: applicant must hold a current real estate license, active in the last 24 months and a member in good standing in their current jurisdiction. If applicant has not been active in the last 24 months, they will be required to take the Real Estate Prep Course, & Real Estate Pre-Licensing Course.


Note: Provincial Trading Act- 8. (1) The Registrar shall not issue an agent’s license to a person unless that person maintains a permanent office in the province satisfactory to the Registrar. (2) The Registrar shall not issue a license to an individual unless the Individual (a) is a citizen of Canada or has the status of permanent resident of Canada; and (b) appears to the Registrar to be otherwise suitable for licensing. R.S.P.E.I. 1974, Cap. R-3, s.8; 2004, c.14, s.3.

Please use a different email address than the one with your brokerage in order to keep your application confidential. 

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There are additional requirements needed to meet before applying for your Broker license including:

  • A Current Salesperson License on Prince Edward Island
  • Worked under a firm office for at least two years
  • Be a member in good standing in your current jurisdiction
  • The information on the application WILL BE verified.